Our Story

Our Story

 I grew up in a 'church attender" household, and saw church as a social gathering only. Only Grandmother Burrows had a passion for God, but she was old. As a athletic 6 feet middle school-er, I began to hang out with the older guys. I got a reputation for my angry foul mouth, drinking off-season, being sexually active. By high school, I was starting quarterback, first chair trombone in the Jazz Band, a record setting varsity basketball player, and had a 4.0 GPA. I had a steady girl and even got an offer from Harvard. Although I kept indulging in whatever gave me pleasure on Sundays I would sit in a pew with a hangover. I did not want to go to hell, but I knew I could never be good enough to be a Christian. Just because Grandma walked with God, didn't mean I could, right?

Just before heading off to a denominational college to study computers and play basketball, someone came by work and asked me out for a coke and a conversation. He too had a wild reputation in school. Later he became a paratrooper. He had turned his life around and was heading to mission work in Thailand. My curiosity and the promise of a cold coke after day of feeding pigs in the Kansas heat was worth hearing him out.  That conversation became a one-on-one Bible study on God's love and grace. My heart was moved and I quickly surrendered and put on Christ in baptism. Now off to the denominational college I went as a new Christian.

Immediately I was bombarded with questions from the numerous different religious groups. It forced me to dig deep into scripture and type letters via snail mail to the missionary who was in Thailand when I was confused or stumped. The closest group of disciples committed to the Bible only was a small group in another county. There were no people my age, but they had good hearts and welcomed me with open arms. After 2 years, I was weary. Since I wasn't a scholarship player my time on the basketball court became minimal. The lack of deep friendships was draining. Then I had a professor question the validity of the Flood and calling my paper on it as an interesting theory. I began to seek a college where like minded people and teachers would encourage me in my Christian walk. I transferred my junior year to Oklahoma Christian College.

I got involved with a local church's outreach efforts. Picking up children with buses each service, I needed a teacher to instruct the riders and help maintain a positive atmosphere. I challenged a young lady to prove she could do the job. Debby did and thus began our courtship in the midst of making disciples. My senior year despite my parents desires, I felt a strong call from God to full time ministry. I switched my majors to Youth and Family ministry and pursued it with passion.

Debby and I were married in 1978 and began full time ministry in Midwest City, OK. Over the next 18 years, we served the Lord in congregations large and small from Alaska to the East Coast. We were doubly blessed: with 5 wonderful children who love the Lord and with seeing many come to Christ and mature to reproduce disciples.

In 1999, we stepped out of ministry when my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. We began a Christian internet business to provide for our family. After Dad died, my mom needed us to stay close. When she could no longer live alone we chose to care for her until her death in 2015. All of our children finished college, 4 got married, and sweet grand babies began to arrive. When Debby's younger brother suddenly died  in 2016, we began to prayerfully discuss return to full time ministry.

In August of 2016, we were invited to work for the Port Angeles church of Christ. So we downsized and arrived November 2016.