Past Present and Future

The Dean Family

This fellowship has been a fixture in this area for many years. Lowell Hardeman, Johnny Westholm, and Don Darner were elders and Dr Jerry Dean served as the minister for the last 14 years. During that time the church established an African mission work when Don met a young African evangelist during one of his travel. That work continues today and is a joy to see many coming to Christ through that work.

With the declining health of Jerry's mother, he and Patti made the decision that Genny required their full time focus, therefore, Jerry decided to step down as soon as a new person was hired. His last sermon was November 1, 2016 and they were honored for their service by the congregation.

WHAT WE ARE DOING NOW: After much prayer and godly counsel, a Board was established.It was given the responsibility of managing the financial transactions of the local church and its longtime mission in Africa. Board members are selected by the whole congregation to serve for a limited time.

Current Board Members

  • Joe McClung (chairman)
  • Lynn Gosser (secretary)
  • Rockie Lee (treasurer)
  • Jaima Hardman
  • AC Paek

WHERE WE WERE: After many years in the pulpit and a trip to the African mission field, Dr. Jerry Dean had a family crisis. They sold their home and moved in with his mother Gennie. Trying to meet the needs of the congregation and caring for an ailing mom was draining for Jerry and Patty. After a time it seemed to be best for them to plan a retirement from the pulpit.

Meanwhile the congregation began to search for the right couple to take his place. After examining his resume and statement of ministry, July of 2016, the Burrows were flown in for numerous face-to-face interviews, Q & A sessions, and a try out sermon. Overwhelmingly the congregation that Ed and Debby were a powerful team and would fit nicely into the plan to rebuild this congregation. In early August the Burrows were asked to come work with us full time. The congregation began a massive remodel of the parsonage in hopes that they would accept the position as a team.After much prayer, they left their secular jobs, sold part of their internet business, downsized, and hit the road to Washington in late October. They arrived on November 1, 2016 just in time to witness Dr. Dean's farewell sermon and honor ceremony.

WHERE WE ARE NOW: Ed and Debby's testimonies and passion to share Jesus from the heart is evident. God has prepared them for the task here in Port Angeles. Read them yourself to see how God shaped them into people who will to share their successes and failures to help others to know Jesus Christ. We encourage you to come and see for yourself how they can bless your life. Even now they are encouraging us to become a church that are powerful prayer warriors.

WHERE WE ARE GOING: God will provide qualified men with godly wives to take on the role of elders. When that comes to pass, men will be selected by the congregation and the Board dissolved. Several will become disciples and be buried in baptism to serve God for all eternity through friendship evangelism. Once again, the church will become share the good news in fresh relevant ways while holding fast to scriptural corporate worship. And soon it will once again be known as multi-generational multiracial disciples who strive to be the hands of Jesus here in Washington.

To God be the Glory, AMEN