Our new evangelist and womens' ministry leader Ed and Debby Burrows absolutely love:

  • one-on-one coffee dates with new people
  • sharing what God is doing here
  • sharing the good news of Jesus and their spiritual journeys 
  • sitting down and studying the Bible to with those are seeking God 
  • sharing their parenting failures and victories of raising 5 strong willed children to be the men and women of God they are today
  • sharing their personal 'Iron sharpening Iron' experience within their marriage, the sparks that flew, the emotional fire  of bitterness, anger, and depression that almost consumed their marriage when the kids left home
  • and most of all sharing the glorious healing done by God in their hearts and marriage to where they joyously celebrated 40 years on June 4, 2017!

For more details regarding their experience and faith journey, just go to these links:

Ed's story

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